Your Questions About Weight Loss Supplements

Chris asks…

What is the best weight loss supplement?

Need alot of help losing weight.

themarc answers:

Glutamine is the best because it greatly reduces food cravings and therefore you can eat very little without any effort. It’s an aminoacid, i.e. A basic nutrient like vitamins, and it’s extremely effective for curbing appetite. I took about 12-15 grams of glutamine per day split in three doses and I lost about 95lbs (44 kilograms) in less than a year without doing any exercise. I simply ate much less than before and I never felt hungry or depressed.
Glutamine must be taken on an empty stomach. Start with the first dose early in the morning as soon as you get up . Since it’s a natural and safe substance you can increase the dosage as needed, up to 25 grams per day. Glutamine can easily be purchased wherever sports supplements are sold, and powder is much cheaper than caps/tablets. In sports it’s used to protect muscles after heavy training and you won’t find any reference to food cravings or weight loss on labels, however rest assured that it’s absolutely amazing.

Once you start eating much less you are likely to become deficient in carnitine which is an aminoacid needed to convert body-fat into energy. Our body normally gets carnitine from food but when you are on a diet you have to eat less and therefore your carnitine levels decrease. It becomes harder for your body to burn fats and as a consequence losing weight gets slower. In such a situation (i.e. Limited food intake) carnitine supplements can do wonders, however if you are eating normally you won’t have benefits from them. Two grams a day are enough and are best effective if taken with a meal. There are two forms of carnitine: one is L-carnitine and the other is acetyl-carnitine. Choose L-carnitine which is more effective for weight control. L-carnitine too is a widely used sports supplement.

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