Your Questions About Weight Loss Plateau

Carol asks…

How can I break a weight loss plateau?

I used to be weigh 285 pounds until last November I decided to go on a very strict diet, since then I’ve lost 70 pounds. But I’ve hit a plateau and now no matter what, I can’t seem to lose any more weight. It’s really bugging me. How can I break this plateau and start losing weight again? (Sorry if you see this twice, I had to repost it because it wasn’t showing up in the diet & fitness category the first time)

themarc answers:

You may have ben eating too few calories, if so you will have learned to manage on less.
You can calculate the calories you needed from…


“It is possible to eat too little without going to the extremes that anorexics do–which is what happens to a lot of ppl trying to lose weight. So what happens is your body adjusts to the lowered intake level and slows down the metabolism because it feels that you are entering a time of few available resources and it must conserve energy.”

Are you aiming too low?


(I know it says kids, but there is adult weight too).

As your weight goes down, you not only lose fat but also a small amount of muscle. It’s estimated that up to 25% of the body tissue lost during weight loss comes from muscle. Since muscle is critical to keeping your metabolism perking, losing it can reduce your metabolic rate and hinder weight loss.

The set point theory was introduced by a group of researchers in 1982. The basic premise of the theory is that we each have a built in weight regulating mechanism, largely genetically determined, that will tend to keep your weight in a physiologically established comfortable range.
Following a weight loss diet for a period of time can also trigger the body to cling to its set point.
Try 6 light meals or snacks daily instead of 3 large meals. Every time you eat metabolic rate oncreases. Use large muscles as much as possible—that is, the thighs and buttocks

Why not accept what might be your set point?

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