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Steven asks…

weight loss?

i want to lose about 30 pounds im 5’8 and weight 144

themarc answers:

I calculated your height and weight on the BMI* calculator, and it came up as 21.9, which is in the healthy range. I then calculated it using the same height, only 30 lbs lighter(114 lbs). It came up as 17.3, which is underweight. 30 lbs is probably too much too lose. You are probably only slightly overweight, since otherwise you would not be asking the question. I would suggest to not change your diet, and do a little more exercise(an extra 30-40 minutes). I would suggest that you set a goal of ten pounds, and then see how you feel.

*BMI(body mass index) is a universaly excepted measure of fitness level based on height and weight.

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