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Paul asks…

Any weight loss tricks you guys know?

Anything? Special foods/drinks/work outs? I am drinking more water and drinking iced tea with lemon. I’m going to start running and walking more. I’ve cut out all pop that isn’t diet. I’m pescetarian. I understand I have to eat healthier and exercise to lose weight, but are there any tricks or helpful hints you guys know about?

themarc answers:

Weight loss takes time. My word for you would be to NEVER lose more than 2 lbs a week, it isnt healthy for your body. NEVER EVER skip a meal! You’ll end up gaining the weight right back. I always eat about 6 meals a day (sounds crazy right?) but actually they are really small meals. That way i never over eat. Also im never starving during that time but I also watch my calories.

In case you didnt know you have to burn more calories than you consume. Here is a good website to get exactly how many calories you should take in at your age, weight, and activity level, use it!


there are about 3500 calories in one pound. So use that website get your info and when you work out try to burn about 500 more calories than you have consumed… Does that make since?

Ex:) if your calorie intake in 1,500, you should try to burn 2,000 calories while working out.

I know that sounds diffucult to do. But if you have a gym near by i would sign up and use the work out machines that work your full body.. Like the eliptical (not sure if i spelled that right) use the gazelle, just anything that works your full body to help burn those calories.

Mentally just dont even bother buying junk food, stick with fruits and fresh veggies. Your body needs Iron to keep stamina so make sure to eat meat. I personally would rather eat fruit that junk. I LOVE FRUIT!

Also what i do for myself mentally is I set small goals for weight loss for myself. Instead of saying” I want to lose 30 pounds in 4 months” start slow. Lmonthly plans are key say things like “in the month of september i want to lose 2 pounds a week.” there are about 4 weeks in every month, so thats about 8 lbs in a month. THATS A GREAR START!!… That means by the end of october you would have lost 16 lbs. Thats amazing!!

Stay motivated dont give up. And remember there are no excuses on why you cant work out…

If you dont mind i would love to share with you this video i watch when i dont feel like working out… Its a short video hope you watch.


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