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Nancy asks…

Breastfeeding and weight loss?

Hi, my doctor told me that breastfeeding aids in weight loss, but I’ve also heard, that the weight loss doesn’t occur until you stop breastfeeding. Im not sure what to believe. Any advice or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance xoxo

themarc answers:

I’m not sure why weight loss would kick in after you stop, unless it’s weight loss related to loss of fluids (not true fat loss), which I can imagine would happen when you stop. What I read is that it’s not all women that will react the same way, and that usually, you’d need to breastfeed for approx. 3 months for the benefit to kick in (when the baby starts to really drink more). This appeared true to me with my first – for the first 3 months, my weight pretty much stayed the same, and weight loss seriously kicked in after the 3rd month. I went back to my pre-preg weight and lost some more between 3 and 5 months. For my second though, it’s more difficult, but I see a similar trend, although much much less dramatic.

Of course, everything depends on your calorie intake/expenditure. If you eat a lot because you expect weight loss from bfing, and you don’t exercise, it may not do anything or you may even gain some.

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